Even though hundreds of people visit the rescue’s Facebook page and website every week, the more you network your foster dog, the more quickly you are able to find it a great forever home.


Here are some simple ways to promote your dog:

  • Send an email to your family, friends and colleagues. Let them know about your foster dog and ask them to help you spread the word and to tell their friends and colleagues.

  • Join local pet related Facebook groups and post your foster dog’s bio and pictures.

  • Post a flyer of your foster dog at your workplace or put one on your office door or outside your cube.

  • Spread the word at your child’s school, your place of worship, or other organization that you belong.

  • Record a video of your foster dog and have it posted on your foster dog’s bio.

  • Make sure you always walk your foster dog with their “Adopt Me” bandana.

  • Carry some fliers for your foster dog with you. Include a small picture and link to his bio.

  • Many companies have newsletters, email lists, blogs or intranets where you might be able to post information about your foster dog.

  • Take your dog for a walk any place that has a lot of foot traffic. Do this with a friend so that someone can be the “spokesperson” while you handle the dog. Don’t forget your dog’s “Adopt Me” Bandana!

  • Post a flyer about your dog at local dog parks.

  • Don't limit your flyers to just the dog park! Post them in pet supply stores, vet offices, parks, business, really!

  • If you’re a runner, enter a local 5K race and bring your dog. Check with the race rules first, but many will let you run with a dog. Don’t forget your dog’s “Adopt Me” bandana!

  • Participate in any rescue events that will help you promote your foster dog.