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Our Annual goal is always to save at least 365 dogs, one per day. We think all dogs deserve a loving home and a second chance. Our rescue efforts significantly have shifted after Covid and have directly helped the shelters of the Central Valley even more. These shelters have much higher intake numbers and breeding issues compared to the Bay Area. We are so fortunate for all of our rescue partners, our fosters and of course the amazing dogs we are able to save!

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2022 Statistics: 432 Underdogs!

2022 state total dogs saved
saved by shelter
saved by weight
saved by age
saved by sex

2021 Statistics: 516 Underdogs!

2021 Dogs by Breed
2021 Statistics by Shelter
2021 Dogs by Age

2020 Statistics: 702 Underdogs!

2020 Dogs by Breed
2020 graph stats
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