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Bringing Your Foster Dog Home

The Process:

Some of these dogs have never been in a home, around another animal, man or child. They need to know they are safe, but they need most to know who is in charge and that is you. Dogs are natural pack animals who pick a hierarchy and being the alpha is important. Many people feel bad considering where some of the dogs start from. Don’t feel bad, because this dog is now an Underdog and it is safe and does not need to be coddled.


When you get your foster dog from us, no need to worry about visiting the pet store, going to the park, meeting your friends. The dog needs to decompress and truly just sleep. The first good sleep is the best and some dogs need our help (benadryl) to get there.


We recommend crating all dogs in your care for many reasons.

1. Safety, this protects your family while the dog is in an unsure state in a new place. 

2. Safe place, this will give the dog a safe place to know it’s theirs (do not allow kids or other dogs in their crate). 

3. Feeding, feed the dog in the crate for all feedings, this will help with any possible anxiety/aggression around food and help them also learn routine and the crate is their safe place. 

4. Protect your home, they may want to chew or even pee inside, this will help you maintain your normal life. 

5. Adopters, this will be a big plus when adopted and make the transition easier. 

Underdog covers all necessary medical costs including spay/neuter, and any supplies you request (ex: dog food, crate, harness, dog toys, etc.)

*Unlike other organizations, as an Underdog foster parent you are responsible for choosing the adopter of your foster dog, you must be comfortable communicating with potential adopters once they submit an application and meeting with the ones that you feel would be a perfect match.


(We are still able to do meet and greets during COVID - wear masks and social distance) 

A good tip to remember for fosters & adopters!

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