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  • Family of two full-time working parents, one BCBA and one Special Ed teacher.

  • Two young daughters, 1 and 5 years old.

  • Owners of two big dogs, Daisy & Stuffy.

  • Typically foster one more big dog with Underdog and have fostered 14 dogs since May 2020!

Meet Our Fosters!

Anyone can foster! Our fosters prove it!

messina family
laura and dog
  • Professional dog trainer 

  • Dog owner of 3 dogs, 2 with leash reactivity and 1 senior.

  • A renter with a roommate and fostered too many dogs to keep track!

  • ​Owners of 5 dogs, 1 tripod, their pack is of all sizes!

  • Works full time.

  • Has fostered well over 100 dogs.

  • Big animal supporter and always willing to lend a helping hand. 

kris family
  • Retired.

  • Owner of 2 dogs, Sadie & Jazzy.

  • Also has 2 cats and a parrot and easily fits a couple of foster dogs!

  • Fostered at least 40 dogs.

  • ​Family of four with two little girls.

  • Owners of 3 rescue dogs and a horse.

  • Has fostered well over 30 big dogs.

  • Husband is a first responder.

chelsea fam
Black and White Pet Cat Valentine's Day
  • Works full time and lives alone.

  • Has 3 big dogs of her own.

  • Fosters multiple big dogs at a time.

remove her
  • Recently moved to the Bay Area.

  • Mom and Wife.

  • Owns 4 dogs of her own, one is a paraplegic.

  • Has been fostering for 8 years, 150 dogs.

  • Husband is in the military.

More coming soon!

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