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Foster Success Stories!

Some dogs take a little more time than others to be adoptable, whether that be a medical need, timidness or behavioral. We are so proud of these recent foster successes!


Ember was brought to the Tulare Animal Shelter after firefighters were extinguishing a homeless encampment fire that she had been trapped in. She suffered severe burns on her side and head but she is a survivor! After 4 months of ongoing care, she is healed and was foster failed by her foster family. There is a 50/50 chance she will ever grow her hair back but she is thriving!


Sherman was rescued from Front Street Animal Shelter as part of a neglect case. He was covered in sores, very weak, yet still wagged his tail! He had a very serious skin condition, a cherry eye and a disorder called Hypospadias. 

You can read about his full progress here!

The Face Of Rescue


Ellie came to Underdog from Tulare Animal Shelter, she was likely a feral dog who was frightened of everything. After 6 weeks in foster care she found herself the most amazing family who continue to be patient with her progress!


Shadow came to Underdog from Tulare Animal Shelter, he was extremely timid, another feral-like dog. He was blessed with amazing foster parents who helped him build confidence and he was adopted by a fantastic family who loves him!

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